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Stainless Machine Screws

These screws are fully threaded and are available in a range of head styles, Countersunk, Raised Countersunk (Instrument Head) Pan Head, Cheese Head and Mushroom Head.

Historically this type of screw has been used where ease of assembly and dis-assembly of two parts are required. They can be used in pre-tapped holes or used with corresponding nuts and washers in through holes. manufacturing methods screws are mostly rolled threaded, although very small diameters and some larger sizes may still be made as cut threads.

Screws with Slotted Heads are still a very popular driving method with this type of fastener, but for automatic screw driving the Pozidrive (Cross Recess) and the 6 Lobe (TX drive) are also gaining in popularity as these types give a more positive driving experience and virtually reduce driver slippage (Cam Out) reducing the likelihood of surface damage to surrounding areas.

Not really intended for heavy structural applications these types of screws tend to be favoured by the lighter side of industry such as Light Engineering, Electronics, Domestic Appliances etc.