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Stainless Hexagon Bolts

Generally speaking a Stainless Bolt is a basic term used to describe a fastener with a Hexagon Head that is partially threaded only. Of course like most things there are some exceptions to this within our industry and thus within this site.

Hex Bolts are used in a wide range of engineering type applications for  joining two or perhaps more members together in conjunction with a hexagon nut which when tightened correctly exerts a clamping force to the joint thus holding it tight under normal service conditions. A feature of this type of fastening is that is can be easily dismantled as and when required.

Thread types are mainly Metric these days, however we are still able to supply some items in Imperial subject to availability namely, UNC,UNF, BSF,BSW and BA against specific enquiries.

Material grades for Metric threaded fasteners are A2/70 (304) and A4/70 (316) Some items are also available in class A4/80. Some Metric Hexagon Bolts can sometimes be offered in Class A4/100 but these may be subject to a minimum manufacturing quantity if not readily available.

Subject to availability some UNF sizes may also be available in A4 (316). BSF, BSW and BA are mainly A2 (304)