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Stainless Nuts

Stainless Nuts are used in conjunction with a variety of Bolts or Screws. Mainly hexagonal in shape the basic purpose of these is to enable the fastener to be stretched into an elastic state as it is tightened which thus has the effect of keeping the associated joint tight providing the correct amount of torque is applied as recommended by an engineer. The hexagonal shape is preferred as socket type spanners can be used with ease as well as the normal open ended.

A wide variety of types are available to suit most applications from the normal hex full nuts and thin nuts (lock Nuts) through to various self locking types(Nylon Insert or All-Metal) to help combat loosening due to vibration.

Thread forms available include Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, Metric Left Hand Thread. Some Imperial items are also available in UNC,UNF,BSF,BSW and BA subject to availbility.

Material grades for Metric and UNC threaded fasteners are A2(304) A4 (316). Some UNF may also be available in A4 (316). BSF,BSW and BA are mainly A2 (304)