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Stainless Studs and Studding

Studding is a continuous threaded rod the most popular length being one meter or if with Imperial threads then it’s three feet. Three Meter lengths can be made available but these would have to be collected from our premises as carriers will not transport these.

Studding has multiple uses such as Tie Rods, Suspending Trunking, or it can be cut to lengths required and used where the length required for example is much longer than a readily available bolt.

Standard Nuts and Washers are available also where a longer length is required we can supply a long nut (Studding Connecter) which 3 X Diameter and is made for this purpose.



Also known as Engineers Studs. These are in the main short rods with a thread at each end. The short threaded end (Metal End) screws into a base leaving the rest of the stud protruding. The mating component is then offered over the protrusion and a nut and washer is then used to tighten down the joint.

     Allthread Studs.      

These are short pre-cut to length fully threaded studs with chamfered ends to facilitate easy fitment of a hex nut. Mainly used in through holes with a nut and washer at each end.