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Stainless Washers

Stainless steel washers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The standard or plain round washers are mainly Metric sizes from M1.6 to M52. Some Plain Washers are also available in Imperial screw sizes.

Other types include Single Coil Spring Washers and Internal or External toothed Lock Washers these types are used to help combat vibration loosening, although the availability of Self Locking Nuts has reduced the demand for these in most applications.

Stainless Steel Plain Washers are used in the main to distribute the load either under the Nut or Bolt head.

Material grades for Metric washers are A2(304) A4 (316). Imperial Washers for use with UNC, UNF,BSF and BSW can also be supplied in these grades. BA washers subject to availability are only available in A2 (304) grade.