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Stainless Socket Screws

The term Socket Screw is used to describe a fastener that has an internal hex drive (Allen Key) They have multiple uses within industry, the main advantage being that the heads are often used in a recess to give a flush fitting or where access for a normal spanner would not be possible, the Hex Drive (Socket) still enables the screws to be tightened with a hexagon wrench.

The most popular head style is the Socket Cap Head Screw (Cylindrical Head) also available is a Socket Countersunk Head, and Socket Button Head (Domed) and a Socket Button Flanged Head (Integral washer)

A headless version is available known as a Socket Setscrew (sometimes wrongly called a Grub Screw which refers to a slotted screwdriver type) These are available with different ends ie Cup Point, Dog Point, Cone Point and Flat Point.

Also available is a shouldered version known as a Socket Shoulder Screw. These are used where a controlled bearing surface is required or perhaps a component such as a spring is located on the shoulder. Thread threaded section is a smaller diameter than that of the shoulder giving a distinct step down giving a form of bearing surface.